With over twenty years experience in the self-help industry working with individuals, groups and teams totalling to thousands of hours delivering therapeutic and modern stress management solutions, here is just a small sample of some of the individual testimonials received.  It's both an honour and a privilege to help others help themselves and to fulfil their true potential 


Testimonials - Stress Reduction and Emotional Self Mastery



''I am so much more confident and have experienced change in all areas of my life including my view on things.  Using your stress reduction tips and applying your stress reduction techniques has changed my life so much for the better''



 ''I'm feeling less tired and stressed, better at relaxing, more mindful.  Wendy is very good at perceiving other people, well organised and nice to work with''




 ''I was feeling very low and bewildered at the state of my life, with no idea how to change it.  I was desperate for a sense of direction.  The training has helped me see I had strength and learn how to use it, I also feel much more confident about myself.  I feel like me again and not the miserable, stressed, unconfident mess I had become''



''I am much happier in myself and feel that I now have the ability to do the things I need to in order to achieve my goals.  I have now started to see some results from being able to manage my stress and feel more confident in both my personal and working lives, consequently my self esteem has grown''



''My whole life turned around.  My confidence came back even better.   My negative thoughts turned into positive thoughts and the word can’t turned to the word can! This is the lady you need in your life.  Any situation that feels like a black cloud can be made into a positive''



''The trainings exceeded my expectations. My internal dialogue has become more positive, I am braver with challenges ahead.  I would say that whatever stage you are at in your life training with Wendy Fry will make you feel as though you can fly or walk on water''




''If you need someone to help you gain perspective or focus, Wendy is the lady for the job. She will help you work through your emotions and guide you towards a more positive outcome.  In the same way that we invest in our outward appearance, I would recommend investing in your emotional wellbeing as it can really impact on all areas of your life and can make a significant difference to you total outlook''



''Wendy is an amazing person to work with, she is so understanding, supportive and motivating and I am so grateful for all her help''



''I just wanted to write a few words expressing how much I have enjoyed working alongside you this year.  From the word go I have found you to be a very inspiring person.  I have learnt a lot from you, from how to wake up feeling positive every morning to conquering my public speaking demons - all thanks to you''



''Thank you so much. I am delighted with the results from working with you and ready to tackle life again!'  I feel like my life is back on track.  I’ve discovered and in some cases rediscovered new strengths and beliefs that I had lost touch with. You really have saved me from myself!  I will continue to work with the tools that you have given me to improve the quality of life for me and my family''



''If you want to seriously step up and live a more fulfilling life, then make Wendy your first port of entry.  Wendy brings about intended results''




''Just wanted to say Wendy, that my life has really transformed. You are wonderful catalyst for releasing loads of good stuff''