Modern Stress Management Training Courses

Stress Management Training with Wendy Fry

Modern Stress Management Foundation

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Modern Stress Management Foundation One Day Training Course.  The first step in Modern Stress Management Training Courses. 

Investment £150 Per Person 

De-stress, re-charge and achieve inspiring goals set from high energy states.  Increase productivity, creativity and success using stress awareness and  reduction techniques

Ideal for companies, Groups, Teams and Individuals for Personal and Business success

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Modern Stress Management with Wendy Fry

Modern Stress Management Professional

Modern Stress Management Professional Certified Training


Enabling you to manage your personal stress and that of your teams as a Modern Stress Management Professional 

Ideal for CEO's, HR, Team Leaders, Heads of Schools, Social Workers, Therapists, Emergency Services, Caring Professions and Business Owners

Become a Certificated and Licenced MSM Professional taking you, your team and your business to the next level.  This is a six  day training requirement which gives you the opportunity to deliver your own Modern Stress Management Foundation Trainings.  

Investment £1150 Per Person

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Bespoke Modern Stress Management Trainings


Individuals | Teams |  Groups | Families

Breakthrough to Your Personal Success 

Three, Two, One and Half Day training & workshops 

Contact to discuss your needs and bespoke investment fees.

Tailored Support Programmes and VIP Packages


Tailored group or individual three, two, one or half day Bespoke VIP Days to get you back on track to living a joy filled life.  Options for 12 month support programmes are also available

Effective, Long lasting, Life Changing strategies to manage stress & increase happiness. Ideal for corporates, teams, couples, families, 1-2-1  

Contact to discuss your needs and bespoke investment fees 

Personal Consultations, Coaching & Mentoring


In person or via Skype.  Twelve Month Coaching and Mentoring Programmes.  Full Day, Half Day and VIP Tailored Programme Options 

Creating Solutions to Your  Problems.  Contact to discuss your needs and bespoke investment fee

Laser Calls


Stress Reduction, Emergency Laser calls lasting 30 minutes for those times when you need to reach out for stress reduction techniques 

Tailored options and packages are available after taking any of the modern stress management training courses or a 1-2-1 VIP Support Programme.  

Contact for full details  and investment fee dependent on prior service or training purchased

Modern Stress Management Training Courses

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